The Robin Hood Pay As You Go Card

The handy and transferable way to travel around the Robin Hood Network

The Robin Hood Card is a very useful smartcard with an electronic purse from which the cost of travel is automatically deducted as you travel around Nottingham.

Try travelling using PAYG on Centrelink and Ecolink see their new fares from 30th January
You don’t have to decide in advance which ticket to purchase – the card works this out and gives you the best fare on the day for the trips you’ve made.

Smartcard readers on buses and trams give you a running total of your fare as you move around the City - you don’t need to wait for a statement of your account. The card is transferrable.

You can purchase and top-up your card from any Robin Hood Network ticket machine, for machine locations please go to purchase and top-up page. You can add amounts of £5, £10, £20 or £50 to your card. The maximum balance you can have on your card is £100.

You can also find out the current balance on your card on these machines at any time.

Card Group

Using the card reader


Robin Hood Pay As You Go Prices

The following fares will be applied to your trips made on a given day using your Robin Hood Pay-as-you-go card:

Journey Price
Single trip on any Nottingham Community Transport Locallink £1.00
Single trip on NCT, Trentbarton, NET trams, Kinch or Park & Ride £1.70
Unlimited trips on Nottingham City Transport including Park & Ride   £3.15
Unlimited trips on Nottingham Community Transport link buses £3.15
Unlimited trips on NET trams including Park and Ride £3.15
Unlimited trips either Trentbarton or Kinch £3.50
Unlimited trips on more than one operator £4.00

* trentbarton 'night buses' excluded. Travel is subject to the terms and conditions of each operator and of the scheme itself.