The Robin Hood Season Cards

The Robin Hood card family has grown and now includes season tickets for adults, under 18’s and students.



More information about Season Cards

The Robin Hood Season card allows unlimited travel on most buses, trams and trains within the Robin Hood Network - no matter who operates the service. So, if you want to travel on a bus and then switch to a train or tram, you can with Robin Hood!

Robin Hood Season is a smartcard for regular travelers, It comes in three types – Adult, Student and Under 18. Your Robin Hood card is activated for unlimited travel across the Robin Hood Network as soon as you buy it, and will continue to work every day for the period of time you chose, either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
If you are buying an under 18 card you will need to bring proof of age: a birth certificate, passport, medical card. If you are buying a student card you will need to bring a valid NUS card.

You can always check how long you have left remaining on your card by placing it on the on-street ticket machine readers, the time left on your card will be displayed on the screen. For ticket machine locations please go to our purchase and top-up page

To get your first Robin Hood Season card you will need to pop into the Broadmarsh Bus Station and visit our travel centre there. They will issue your first card and activate it ready for use.

Once you have your card, you can top it up at any of the 85+ on-street ticket machines, or pop back into the travel centre again, whichever is more convenient.

New Security for Robin Hood Cards

As part of continuing improvements to the service we are increasing security on the Robin Hood Season Tickets to ensure invalid cards are taken out of circulation.
This will initially apply to users with cards that were on the Direct Debit scheme but have cancelled their payments. As such the cards are no longer valid for use. The cards will be phased out over January and will no longer be readable by operators.

Robin Hood Season Prices

Terms Adult Under 18 Student
Direct Debit £60 pcm £36 pcm n/a
1 Month £72 £43 £58
3 Month £180 £108 £144
6 Month £333 £200 £266
12 Month £540 £324 £432
Academic Year --- --- £270


From Monday 19th September University students can purchase the new Robin Hood Student year pass.

The pass is only £270 and gives you unlimited travel within the Robin Hood Network Area until 31 July 2017 on all public transport!

You can travel on NET Trams, Nottingham City Transport, Trent Barton, Park and Ride, Nottingham Community Transport Link buses, Yourbus and East Midlands trains.

Come along to one of the Council travel centres at Broad Marsh or Victoria bus Stations with your valid student photo ID with a course expiry date on it and we’ll do the rest!

Get great value unlimited travel for getting around Nottingham! You can pay by cash, debit or credit card.

Your travel is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual transport operators and the Robin Hood Network scheme.

New cards are being added to the Robin Hood family in the near future, keep a look out here for more information.